Sony RDR-VX530 DEMO DVD Recorder/Player + Remote + 2 year Warranty + Cables

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The Sony RDR-VX530 DEMO DVD Recorder/Player is the sleek and compact accompaniment to your home theater. This DVD/VCR player is compatible for recording DVD+RW/+R, DVD-RW/-R, and it lets you store footage on multiple formats. With one touch dubbing you can archive old home VHS tape footage to new DVDS. With the i.LINK digital interface and Digital 8 input you can easily record home movie footage from a camcorder to a DVD.


The slim line chassis makes this a classy little device that slides right into your existing home theater configuration making it the perfect addition to today's trim systems.

One Touch Dubbing

With a single touch of a button you can dub a DVD to a VHS or VHS to DVD. Perfect for transferring bulky VHS libraries or transferring the latest family DVD to VHS for others.

One Touch Recording

Using the i.LINK interface for DV and Digital 8 camcorders you can easily transfer newly made home videos directly to VHS or DVD to share with family and friends. The i.LINK interface also gives you camcorder control so you can edit your home videos.

4 Video Heads

Expect the best in VHS quality with the 4 video head stereo VHS with 19 micron heads.

Easy to Use

Anyone can navigate through it with the easy to use graphic user interface. Taping your favorite program becomes easier with VCR Plus timer recording.

Parental Control

With parental controls you can watch anything you want and set limits so it is family friendly.

Child Lock for Disc Tray

Lock the tray to prevent little fingers from playing with the disc tray and older kids from playing discs you find objectionable.

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