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"I wished I had bought this sooner! I have been able to get some of my old recorded TV shows off of VHS tapes that I'd thought I'd never see again."


"The unit works great and did the job I needed it to do. No issues with the picture or sound quality and the software installed without issue on my 6 year old Windows XP computer which has 2 Gigs of Ram."


"I’ve been working on a project converting home movies to dvd and it works well!"


"I am amazed at how well this works! I have years worth of videos that I’ve wanted to convert and I am having the best time ever putting them on my computer."


"I bought this to convert a tape of my moms siblings who passed away in a car fire as children. This was able to record a 2 hour 40 minute home video from the 80s. It was pretty easy to figure out and converted the tape pretty well. I highly recommend this for the inexpensive price which beats the expensive video converting businesses"


"I bought this product because I wanted to make my old VCR Tapes Digital. the whole set-up was easy to follow and the time that took to upload depends on how long and how much you have in your tapes."


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More Customer Reviews

"I had some old home video on VHS and I wanted transfer it to digital. This works flawlessly and does a good job of transferring the VHS tapes over with no loss of quality in the process."

-Brandon from Nevada

"Very happy with this...I was looking for something to get old home videos onto my computer to put in a slideshow for my brothers graduation. I spent a lot of time looking over reviews and descriptions and questions and even looking into other ways like Walgreens or local photographers who offer the service. Finally decided on tryimg this product and it worked really well! It took a little bit of reading and googling to figure out exactly how to use it the way I wanted to but once I figured it out it was really easy. I plan to now start transferring even more home videos and give them to family as gifts."

-Jennifer From Washington

"I just received this product on Jan 6, 2021, after researching this type of product online for several hours. It is now Jan 8, 2021 and I have already converted at least 15 VHS tapes of various lengths ( 30 min to 4 hours) with no issues. Most of these tapes are 15 to 38 years old, so I am very pleased to get them into a more secure & reliable digital format"

-Scott From South Dakota

"It's intuitive and easy... can be as simple as pressing play on the source and record on the device. For the price it's WAY more simple and sureless less expensive than alternatives."

-Jon from Utah

"I love this! I have so many VHS regular and small tapes that needed to be transferred. There was no way I could pay to have them transferred. This works like a charm!. So far I have done 7 tapes and very pleased with everything. I am going to download them when finished to a thumb drive and give them as gifts for Christmas. This is a must for people with a lot of old tapes."

-Caleb from Alabama

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Most Popular & Easiest To Use

Our Magnavox bundle is the simplest way to transfer your VHS tapes direct to DVD. No computer is required and you can simply press record on this unit to start the direct to DVD transfer process. This bundle is perfect for someone who wants to avoid using a computer to transfer your priceless VHS tapes.

FYI we typically only have a few of these in stock per week.

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How To Transfer VHS Direct To DVD

Easily Transfer VHS Tapes Direct To DVD

Our Family Story

We are a family business based in Houston Texas. In 2020 Covid 19 devastated our previous business. Our family was devastated emotionally and financially. We started selling VCR DVD Combo Players to help pay for groceries and diapers. We never thought in a million years it would turn into our full time jobs. We are so excited to announce our first "official" store opening in Dallas Texas in Spring of 2022. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our family business. It has changed our lives forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's your return policy?

We know this is a bigger purchase so we do a no questions asked return policy for 90 days after your receive your order.

How long does it take to ship?

We typically ship within 5-7 business days from Texas. We usually ship via UPS and it takes around 7-10 business days to arrive at your door.

How Many VHS Tapes Can I Transfer?

You can transfer an unlimited amount of VHS tapes using our VHS Capture Pro and upgraded VCR Player. The only limitation will be the storage on your computer. If your computer does not have enough room you can save your VHS tapes to a flash-drive or memory card.

Do I need to be good with tech stuff to transfer my VHS Tapes to DVD & Digital?

No not at all. We made our VHS Capture Pro simple and straightforward. 

Saving your priceless memories should not be an intimidating process. 

Simply turn on your computer and press record. Our VHS Capture Pro will do the rest.

What file format do the transferred videos save as?

All files save as MOV. but you can change them into any acceptable format you need. Again we made sure our VHS Capture Pro is simple to use and will work for any situation you need.

Can I watch and choose which parts of my VHS video tape I want to record?

YES!!! This is one of the best parts of our VHS Capture Pro. 

You can choose which parts of the VHS tapes you want to record. 

Just press record when you want to record and stop when you do NOT want to record. 

You can fast forward past the parts you do not want transferred.